Medical Records Project and Renaming Photos Tip


Medical records label
Keep Loved One’s Health records together


August is National Immunization Awareness Month and time to get the kids updated on their shots, physicals, and eye exams in preparation for the new school year.  The Center for Disease Control has a great site that gives immunization schedules and a printable log to track your child’s immunizations.

To keep immunization and other health records organized, print this 5×7″ label and affix to a 3-ring binder, accordion file, or file folder.  We’ve also include file labels to use on individual folders or dividers.

Health Records Binder Label  (jpg file)
Health Record File Folder  Labels  (Word doc)

Rename a Batch of Photos or Files in One StepI like to include the name and date of an event in the file name of my photos so I can quickly identify them, for example “Christmas2009.”  We’ll show you today how to select a group of photos and rename in one step.

Rename a Batch of Photos  (Word doc)
Rename a Batch of Photos  (pdf doc)

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