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Top 5 printers of 2010



Black Print Speed: 32.0 ppm
Color Print Speed: 33.0 ppm
Max Resolution (BW): 2400 x 1200 dpi
Max Resolution (Color): 4800×1200
Output Type: Color Printer
Platform: PC, Mac
Technology (Detailed): Inkjet

Anyone with typical home-office printing needs would do well to check out the Interact S605. It’s easy to operate, comes with some nice features, and the S605 is fast enough to beat most of its competition. Would have liked to have the option to connect by Ethernet, and also would have liked to have seen better-quality photo prints at larger sizes.

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Step-by-Step Computer Tip

Using Google Docs:  Spreadsheet Download Options 

Although sharing workbooks online is one of the key benefits of GoogleDocs, there are times when you may want to work with workbooks offline or use them with other applications.

This week’s tip will show you how to download a spreadsheet to your computer that can be emailed or opened with other applications.  You can save workbooks as Excel documents, OpenOffice documents, or even PDF files which can be viewed exactly as you created them whether or not the viewing computer is loaded with the same fonts.

GoogleDocs:   Downloading a Spreadsheet  (Word)
GoogleDocs:   Downloading a Spreadsheet  (PDF)


Google Docs is a free resource for creating and / or storing documents online allowing you to access your work anywhere you have internet access, and making for easy collaboration with others. Google Docs includes applications for:
·         Word Processing
·         Spreadsheets
·         Presentations
·         Drawings
·         Forms
You can upload existing documents from your desktop, create new documents online, are start with one of numerous templates available. If you haven’t yet set up an account with GoogleDocs, you can by clicking

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