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Step By Step Computer Tip

Using Google Docs
Google Docs is a free resource for creating and / or storing documents online allowing you to access your work anywhere you have internet access, and making for easy collaboration with others. Google Docs includes applications for:
·         Word Processing
·         Spreadsheets
·         Presentations
·         Drawings
·         Forms
You can upload existing documents from your desktop, create new documents online, are start with one of numerous templates available. If you haven’t yet set up an account with GoogleDocs, you can by clicking here.

When you have columns of data in a spreadsheet, it is helpful to be able to sort the data by various parameters, like alphabetizing names or sorting grades from highest to lowest, or vice versa.  Today’s example shows how to sort data for test grades for a couple of class periods–alphabetizing by last name, and sorting grades highest to lowest by class period.

GoogleDocs:  Sorting Data (Word)
GoogleDocs:  Sorting Data (PDF)

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