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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, PT. 1

· I am trying to print in color but it only prints in one color. What can I do to fix this?

Usually when a printer printer sits without being used for a long time, it can cause the cartridge nozzle to dry up. Which can cause the cartridge not to print or colors to be skewed. The best way to alleviate this problem is bySoaking the cartridge. *ONLY for remanufactured cartridges

· How much ink is in a remanufactured cartridge compared to a name cartridge?

Our compatible and remanufactured cartridges are weighed out to match the weight of a genuine cartridge. The vendors we purchase the products from weigh the cartridges to ensure that the remanufactured and compatible cartridges weigh the same as a genuine cartridge.

· If I buy remanufactured ink cartridges, how long can I keep them without opening them?

Our products have a shelf life of about one year. Once you are ready to use the cartridge, if you notice that the prints are faded or streaked it might not necessarily mean the cartridge cannot be used. The problem could mean that the nozzles are clogged. The best way to solve this problem is bySoaking the cartridge. If you are not satisfied with the product we do offer up to a year replacement for products purchased.

· What is a printer driver and why do I need one?

A printer driver is software that acts as a translator so that the printer can understand data and instructions from your computer. The driver describes the text, image, etc. to be printed and translates it into the printer language of the printer. You need a printer driver to print.

You can use the driver to change the printer settings such as printing in color and the paper size.

You should update your printer driver on a regular basis because having the latest printer drivers installed will greatly improve your printer’s performance.

· How can I setup my printer on a network?

When adding a printer the Add Printer Wizard will ask you to select a printer, select Connect to This Printer and enter the name of the network printer. If you don’t know the name, select Browse for a Printer to search through a list of shared printers.

If the network printer uses an Internet address, select Connect to a printer on the Internet and enter the address in the URL box. The Add Printer Wizard will guide you through the installation process.

· How do I update my printer driver?

If you need to update your printer driver, you can download the latest drivers for your printer from the manufacturer’s website. (or go to “ Resources ” page and click “ Printer Support “)

Updating Instructions:

  1. Click on Start and scroll to Settings or Control Panel (depending on your version of Windows)
  2. Select Printers folder
  3. Right-click the printer whose driver you wish to update.
  4. Scroll down to Properties and then the Details or Advanced tab. Click on New Driver.
  5. If a warning box pops up, answer Yes.
  6. Click Have Disk, and click Browse to get to the folder containing your updated drivers.
  7. Follow the on-screen directions to install. (It’s best to reboot your computer after you are finished installing).

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Picking the Right Paper

To get the most out of your printer, you need to know which paper best suits your needs. Many manufacturers have a line of papers that are made to work with their printers, but they all have the same basic paper traits. Knowing which paper traits to look for will ensure the highest quality prints.

What Paper is Out There

Multipurpose Paper
Multipurpose paper, also known as copier paper, is a lightweight paper with a broad number of uses. Multipurpose papers is the perfect option for printing plain text documents, faxes and copies.

Inkjet Paper
Inkjet papers are specially designed to work with inkjet printers. Because inkjet printers spray droplets ofprinter ink onto paper, the paper needs to be able to absorb the ink evenly.

When shopping for inkjet papers, you will find a selection of coated paper that will help in controlling ink absorption and improving print quality. Coated inkjet papers work best when printing higher quality prints (like presentations). Coated papers may be glossy to dull coated (matte) either on one side or on both.

Laser Printer Paper
Laser printers fuse toner to paper, so any paper used in laser printers needs to be able to withstand the high heat. This is especially important when using a color laser printer because a single sheet of paper will go through four layers of toner.

Most of these papers have anti-jamming and curling properties. You will find laser printer paper will have higher brightness and heavier weight compared to multipurpose paper.

Specialty Paper
With today’s choices of paper, you can pretty much print anything you design. You can find specialty paperto print iron-on transfers, greeting cards, brochures, address/shipping labels, photo stickers, temporary tattoos, etc. Check your printer’s specifications to see which papers it can handle.

Paper Traits to Look for

The brightness rating tells you the whiteness of the paper. To be more technical, brightness refers to the light reflecting property of paper. The more blue light reflected will give you a brighter paper. You will see a brightness rating of 80-100.

Some manufacturers will not give a number but give their products names like “Ultra Bright.” Don’t go by names because the name may not be an accurate measurement of the brightness of the paper.

Using brighter papers will give you brighter colors but it’s not the only factor to consider when printing. The colors you are using and the paper finish will determine how the final print will look (light colors can appear washed out on the brightest of papers.) Your best bet will be to compare several brightness levels before you commit to one. Your eyes will be the best judge on what will work for you and printing needs.

Weight & Thickness
The weight and thickness of paper go hand in hand because heavier paper will be a little thicker. Paper weight is not determined by a single sheet of paper but by the weight of a ream of paper (500 sheets).

When it comes to printing, paper weight and thickness doesn’t affect the print quality but it does play a major role in the finished product. Printing on thicker paper will give the document a more professional feel then if you printed on flimsier paper.

If you are printing double-sided projects or images that will use a good amount of ink, use heavier paper because there will be less bleed through when there is heavy ink coverage.

For everyday printing, a 20lb paper will work just fine. For business printing, a 24lb paper is probably best.

Before making a purchase, check your printer’s specifications on what it can handle.

You should remember two things when you are shopping for paper — the brightness and weight. The whiteness of the paper will affect the image being printed — especially when printing in color. Heavier paper will provide more professional looking presentations.

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Fun Project


Let Your Guests Record and Share Their Blessings

In a year full of hardships, it’s more important than ever to focus on, and give thanks for, the good things in our lives.  This Thanksgiving, why not give your friends and family a journal sheet to record what they’re are personally thankful for and maybe share a few when you sit down to dinner.

Click here for Thanksgiving Journal (Word 03 document)
Click here for Thanksgiving Journal (pdf document)

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Step By Step Computer Tips

How to Deactivate Links
When Pasting Text from the Internet

When you are copying and pasting text from a web site, hyperlinks come along. You may not want links in your document. To remove them, you can right click each link and remove the hyperlink, or you can instantly remove them when pasting into a Word document.

Click for Instructions on Pasting Web Text Without Links (Word 03 format)
Click for Instructions on Pasting Web Text Without Links (Pdf format)

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Fun Projects


If you had to leave your house in a hurry, or if something happened to you, would you be able to locate your important papers in a hurry We’ve created a Organizer page that lists important papers and lets you assign a location to each so you will know exactly where to go to find them.

Click here for Important Papers Locater (Word 03 document)
Click here for Important Papers Locater (pdf document)

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Step By Step Computer Tips

Assigning Categories to Contacts in Outlook 2007

When you create Contacts in Outlook you can assign them to categories like ?Restaurants,? ?Work,? ?Friends,? and so on. You can then filter or create subsets of your contacts so you can print phone directory pages of your restaurants, doctors, each child?s friends, tennis contacts, etc.

This week we’ll show you how to assign a category to a contact, and next week, we’ll filter and print a phone directory page of a category.

Click for Instructions on Assigning Categories to Contacts (Word 03 format)
Click for Instructions on Assigning Categories to Contacts (Pdf format)

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High Capacity Cartridges

Ever wondered about the actual differences between high capacity and regular inkjet cartridges.  These pictures were taken by our Ink Lab staff.

You’ll notice in many cases, higher capacity cartridges use sponges with more depth to hold more ink (Canon CL and PG series).  Or in the case of HP, more space within the cartridge is used.  Why not just make all cartridges high capacity?

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Free and Easy Printer Manuals and Drivers

Having a problem with your printer but you can’t find the manual?  If you’re anything like me, you probably threw it away when you opened the thing.  Retrevo offers a large selection of free printer manuals, no email address necessary.  Check them out here.

Or if you’re installing a device on a new computer and need to find a driver, visit InkPedia where we have direct links to major brand support pages.

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How Are Page Yields Determined?

When purchasing a new printer, it’s important to factor in the potential page yield your printer will provide. The page yield is the average amount of printed pages your printer’s cartridge will produce. By dividing the price of a cartridge by the page yield, one can get a relatively accurate assessment of the cost per page. But how is page yield calculated? And how accurate can it possibly be?

In 2006, the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) set guidelines by which certified companies should test their inkjet cartridge page yields (toner yield guidelines had been previously been established in 2004). The ISO is a multinational collection of standards institutes which serve both private and public sectors. The printer yield guidelines, which were updated in 2007, have become the standard by which nearly every major cartridge manufacturer abides. The ISO guidelines are summarized as follows:

the tests are conducted using a default printer setting and plain paper

a standard five page document (with both black and color coverage) is printed consecutively until the ink cartridge is depleted

a cartridge is considered depleted when the printer shows a signal indicating the ink is gone, or the test pages show discoloration

3 cartridges each should be tested on 3 different printers not including the 1st set of installed cartridges. The average result is taken

tests are conducted under controlled conditions (temperature and humidity) which simulate a home or office environment.

There are currently no ISO guidelines for testing Photo Printer page yields, though many companies have developed their own policies regarding the matter.  HP’s Photo Yield Testing Methodology is essentially the same as the ISO’s, except that page coverage is limited to 4×6 image prints.  Many other large manufacturers use similar techniques to determine photo cartridge yields.  And most retailers, including, provide available page yield information on their product pages.

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Fun Projects


Thanksgiving is still weeks away but it’s none to soon to start organizing so you can enjoy spending time with family and friends instead of being stressed out and tired.

We’ve prepared a Thanksgiving Master Planner with a week-by-week schedule to break the job into manageable tasks.
Click here for Thanksgiving Master Planner (Word 03 document)
Click here for Thanksgiving Master Planner (PDF document)

Our Thanksgiving Meal Planner helps you organize your guest list, menu, and other details for the big day.
Click here for Thanksgiving Meal Planner (Word document)
Click here for Thanksgiving Meal Planner (PDF document)

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