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It Ain’t Heavy, It’s My Brother…Printer

For years now, Brother International has been making some of the most popular printing products you can find.  And with good reason;  Brother printers have a reputation for being reliable, affordable, low maintenance machines.  But what is it that makes a Brother special? Well, it’s a variety of factors, but Brother printers are renowned for their durability and quality.

Quality Print, Cool Features

Perhaps the most important indicator of a quality printer is how good it prints.  Many Brother products print in HQ1200 resolution.High resolution prints have the tendency to slow printing time, but with many Brother models, page per minute is not affected by the large resolution of the print.  The HL-2140 monochrome printer, which won a PC Magazine 4 Star rating, demonstrates this attention to quality and speed, printing up to 2400x600dpi resolution at up to 22ppm.  And its Brother TN360 high yield toner cartridge prints up to 2,600 pages overall.

Brother printers also offer a variety of navigation and compatibility options.Many printers come with built-in network interfaces.  This allows you to share your printer among a group of users, reducing the amount of printers you need to purchase and set up.Also, many of these printers also network wirelessly.  Brother boasts a wide variety of printer emulations as well, which make your printer compatible with nearly any office or graphics application for PC or Mac.

Toner Save Mode

All Brother laser models feature a Toner Save feature which is useful for printing draft documents.  Toner Save mode can help reduce the amount of Brother toner you purchase in a month.And aside from the obvious benefits in price, this reduction in waste is also beneficial to our environment.

Brother’s line of products are award winning for a very good reason.  They are affordable, high quality machines with a variety of great features, which make them perfect for your home or office.

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Cool New Kodak Photo Printers


Kodak recently released a pair of multifunction inkjet printers that can

reportedly save you up to $110 a year on ink. Check them out here.

Need Kodak ink?  Click here.

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Multifunction Printers – What To Look For

If you run a home office and you don’t have room to mess with all the connections of a separate printer, copier, scanner, or fax, you might want to look into purchasing an all-in-one or multifunction printer (AIO / MFP).

An AIO or MFP can use either inkjet or laser printer technology. Your printing needs should determine which printer is best for you.

Buying Guide


- Saves Space
- Ability to scan, print, copy


- Lose up to 4 functions if machine breaks down

Price Range

- $100-900 (depending on features needed)

What to look for in an All-In-One or Multifunction Printer

Here are some suggestions on what to look for when shopping for an all-in-one or multifunction printer.


Are you running a home office or small business? Then you want to look for a printer that can print high quality text. You want every document you print, scan, or copy to look professional. The majority of AIO/MFPs can print in black and white and in color. If looking for an inkjet AIO/MFP, try looking for a printer that uses two ink cartridges, one black and a separate one for color. If you are primarily printing text documents, having two printer ink cartridges will save you money in the long run.

Scanner & Copier

If you want to be able to copy large documents or sections of books, look for a printer with a scanner cover that is removable or that lifts high enough for a book. Newer models now come with a flatbed so you can scan and/or copy documents larger than standard letter size (8.5×11) and books. A good option to look for (you will find this with most new models) is the ability to copy even when the computer is turned off. You probably don’t want the hassle of having to turn the computer on every time you need to make a copy.


Before you buy an AIO/MFP, ask yourself how important the fax capability will be to your home office or small business. If you plan on sending and/or receiving faxes throughout the day, it is best to look for an AIO/MFP with a separate fax modem/connection. This will allow you to send or receive faxes even when your computer is off. If faxing is not a priority or you are expecting to send or receive the occasional fax, any AIO/MF printer with fax capacity will be enough. The printer uses software that allows you to send and receive faxes on your computer.

Photo Printing

Many AIO/MFPs are now made to double as a photo printer. If you plan on using your AIO/MFP to print photographs or detailed graphics (i.e. corporate logos or marketing materials) look for a printer with high resolutions capabilities, four to six ink cartridges, and/or the ability to print directly from your camera.

Automatic Paper Feeder

We recommend looking for an AIO/MFP with an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF). It adds to the cost of the printer but will save you time in the long run. If you are planning on doing a lot of scanning or you have to copy more than two sheets, you don’t want to waste your time standing over the printer, manually feeding each sheet. With the ADF, you will be able to load the feeder and press Copy/Scan and you will be free to work on other tasks.

Paper Trays

Are you going to have a high volume printing demand? Many AIO/MFPs have optional paper trays, which will add to your paper handling capacity. The extra paper trays will save you from constantly adding more paper into empty trays.

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Step by Step Computer Tips

Use Google Search Features – Part 2

Most of us have used
Google’s search engine at one time or other but there are many lesser
known  features of Search that are extremely useful.  Over the
next few weeks we’ll highlight many of them.

Today we’ll feature:

  • Unit Conversion
  • Currency Conversion
  • Time

Click for Instructions on Unit and Currency Conversion and Time in
Google Search
(Word 03 doc)

Click for Instructions on Unit and Currency Conversion and Time in
Google Search
(Pdf doc)

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Fun Project


September is One-on-One Month

It’s the perfect time to get to know your co-workers, family members, and friends better by meeting one-on-one.   The Confidence Center, sponsors of “One-on-One Month,” offer the following suggestions for spending time together:

• Go to a one-on-one lunch with each of your co-workers.
• Go for a long walk in the park with a family member.

• Have a telephone visit with an out of town friend or relative.
• Take one of your children at a time for a special outing.

We’ve created question cards to help get the conversations started.  Designed to print on Avery Business Card paper, you can print our ready-made questions, or edit the Word document to add questions of your own.  Bring them out at dinner, or gatherings of family and friends to find out something new about each other.

Click here for
Conversation Cards (Front)
(Word 03 document)

Click here for
Conversation Cards (Front)
(pdf document)

Click here for
Conversation Cards (Back)
(Word 03 document)

Click here for
Conversation Cards (Back)
(pdf document)

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Fun Project

Household organizer Part 6:

books to read
and loaned items list

This week is the sixth installment of editable pages for a household organizer.

September is Library Card Sign Up Month

If you don’t already have a library card, now’s a good time to get
one.  There are so many great books out there; you probably
hear about one or two a week that you’d like to read.

We’ve created a place to recorand 2) a Loaned Items List.  If you loan a book (or other item) to friends, this list will help you keepTo help get you organized, we’ve created two lists:  a List of Books to Read, and a Loaned Items List.  If you loan a book (or other item) to friends,  you can keep track of who has what.
Click here for Books to Read List (Word 03 document)

Click here for Books to Read List (pdf document)

Click here for Loaned Items List (Word 03 document)

Click here for Loaned Items List (pdf document)

We’ve also included a a template to print dividers
for your binder. (We recommend using a 2-3 inch, heavy-duty 3-ring
binder.)  (Word 03 document)

Click here for Divider Template (Word Version)

Dividers 11433, 8-Tab Set

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